Our Value Proposition

Imagine . . .

  • . . . that there was someone who cared enough to invest the time and energy required to understand your personal or corporate financial needs and to apply that understanding to seek out best-in-class investment management firms offering services aligned with your unique requirements.

and Imagine . . .

  • . . . that to ensure that your investment manager continues to offer services that constitute good value for your hard-earned dollars, there was someone who was prepared:
    • to review and validate your initial statement of investment policy and objectives to ensure that all elements of a high-quality and relevant statement of investment policy and objectives are addressed,
    • to review and verify that promised services (investment statements, reports, re-assessments, investment policy updates, etc.) are delivered by the investment manager on a timely basis with no deterioration in standards through time,
    • to review and verify compliance with agreed investment policies and report on progress towards your objectives,
    • to communicate the findings of each review in a clear and brief, annual or semi-annual report with a few charts or pictures to lend additional clarity,
    • to follow up each report with a personal meeting to discuss our findings, to interpret reports received from your investment manager and to provide supportive research and educational information and materials to help you engage with your investment manager in decisions that impact your future in important ways,
    • to ensure that your investment manager is kept current as to any changes in your needs, goals or investment profile.

If these ideas are of any interest, please contact us . . .